DIAR EL Narges 5

Mini compound consists of 2 separated projects,every project consists of 3 floors with 2 units in every floor.It’s characterized by its extra services as swimming pool,gym,party hall,BBQ area and kids area.And a complete security system containing security service,security camera and electronic garage.

DIAR EL Narges 5
Last updated : 2021-09-20
Region : New Cairo
Project Status : Current Project


Isolation Isolation
Entrance Entrance
Elevator Elevator
Garage Garage
Aluminum isolation Aluminum isolation
Central Satellite Central Satellite
Conditioner Bracket Conditioner Bracket
Connection Feed & Drain Connection Feed & Drain
Storage Room Storage Room
Marble Ladders Marble Ladders
Visual Intercom Visual Intercom
CCTV System CCTV System
Electronic gate Electronic gate
Pool Pool
Gym Gym
Festival Hall Festival Hall
Kids Area Kids Area
Barbeque Area Barbeque Area
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08 April 2021

Learn more about the Diar team

Learn more about the Diar team
in Diar integrated team work that works with utmost accuracy and professionalism to build trust with our customers  to protect the rights starting from choosing a special location with all flexibility and smoothness transfer and answering of any inquiries during the project's construction until delivery date of unites specified with the highly quality of finishing typically of the design, up to the final stage to transfer ownership of ownership and registration of the unit.

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