Diar C36

The project consists of a garage, ground floor and 3 floors, it has luxurious entrances made from marble and granite. For more security it has a complete security system containing security services, security camera and electronic garage.

Diar C36
Last updated : 2021-12-09
Region : New Cairo
Project Status : Current Project


Insulation Insulation
Entrance Entrance
Elevator Elevator
Garage Garage
Aluminum isolation Aluminum isolation
Central Satellite Central Satellite
Conditioner Bracket Conditioner Bracket
Connection Feed & Drain Connection Feed & Drain
Storage Room Storage Room
Electronic gate Electronic gate
Visual Intercom Visual Intercom
CCTV System CCTV System
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16 April 2020

Andalus District

The Andalus district is located in the most special place in 5th settlement in New Cairo,as it is located directly on South 9o th street and in the middle of a lot of elegant compounds like(Mivida,Katameya Dunes,Hyde Park,Mountain View) and close to American University,New Cairo Club and Lotus district's service area,it is characterized by finishing main infrastructure works.The Andalus district is divided to 3 sections (Services,Entertaining,Housing).

Housing section in The Andalus:
It consists of 2 Housing Regions:
  • The Andalus District 1.
  • The Andalus District 2.
General Location:
The most important feature in The Andalus district that it is located close to the most important main axises in New Cairo:
  • It's located directly on South 90th street and close to Clubs street.
  • South:El Sokhna Road.
  • East:Thed Middle Ring road.
Districts around the Andalus District:
The Andalus District is surrounded by complete urban communities:
  • North:katameya Dunes compound-Katameya Gardens compound.
  • South:El Sokhna Road.
  • East:The Middle Ring road.
Construction Conditions:
District Presidency Conditions:
  • Building ratio not more than 50% from the area of the ground floor.
  • The building consists of ground floor and 3 foors.
  • Can make a basement with authorized activities.
  • Not more than 2 units in every floor.
  • Be committed by construction law no.119 for year 2008.

Diar Company is one of the leading companies in developing a lot of projects in special locations (Grden View-Open View-Main streets) and now transmitting apartments in many inner locations in the Andalus district.To know more about apartments for sale in 5th settlement in the Andalus.

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